What is the MUSIC Auditor Sticky

The Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualisation (MUSIC) is a widely used stormwater quality model by eWater.

MUSIC models have many inputs that can be time consuming to review.

The MUSIC Auditor on this site assesses a MUSIC model against relevant criteria as specified in the South Australian or Melbourne Water MUSIC Guidelines. It identifies any MUSIC model input parameters that do not comply with the guidelines or are outside common or expected ranges. The Auditor then provides a summary report identifying any areas of non-compliance with further commentary to assist both consultants in revising their model or assessing authorities to make a decision whether or not to accept any non-compliance.

International Conference on Urban Drainage


The International Conference for Urban Drainage is being held this week in Melbourne and Microburst Software are proud to be a supporter.
It is perhaps the premier research conference for all things stormwater. Researchers and industry professionals from around the world will present the latest thinking, research outcomes and learnings from projects so it is not to be missed.

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MUSIC Auditor Refresh


We are currently giving the MUSIC Auditor and the website a bit of a refresh.

How do you use the MUSIC Auditor?
Have you got a suggestion for how to improve it?
What new features would you like to see?
Any bugs or issues that really annoy you?

If you've got ideas or suggestions please email us at:
[email protected] or
[email protected]

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South Australia


The South Australia MUSIC Guidelines are now well progressed although final details are still being finalised.
In support of these, the MUSIC Auditor now supports South Australia!
We wish a warm welcome to all our new users.

Join us on Wednesday 28th October with Water Sensitive SA for training

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Bioretention analysis


We hope everyone is staying safe during the current situation with the COVID-19 lockdown and taking care of friends and family.

We are currently developing additional tools to support the design and assessment of bioretention assets and potential soil moisture conditions for healthy plant growth. We anticipate that these will be available in the coming weeks.

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Internet explorer


Some of you may have received an error running MUSIC Audits using Internet Explorer. We are looking into this issue. The MUSIC Auditor will run as usual with either Chrome or Firefox so we recommend using these browsers in the interim.

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